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Opening of our new website : aiace-europa.eu

26 August 2022 - AIACE website - EN

It seems a little strange to inform you about the launch, as...

It seems a little strange to inform you about the launch, as you are already visiting the website. But we would like to tell you a little about the difficulties involved in the project, which took longer than anticipated and still has not been completed 100%.

As the old website had become difficult to manage and maintain, for technical reasons, it was decided in 2019 to completely renew it. After a market consultation process, the contract for the renewal was awarded to the firm IN-DEV. The impact of the pandemic on the ability both of our consultants and of ourselves to do the work was one of the main reasons for the delay in completing the project.

The greatest advantage of the website is that it is directly accessible. Neither EU Login nor any other password is required. This makes it particularly useful to families, who, moreover, will find user guides, forms, useful contacts, etc., there.

The guiding principles for the design of the new website were as follows:
- it should become a useful and user-friendly communication hub for retired people and for all sections of AIACE
- it should become a central point for all general information, thus facilitating the work of the sections and, so far as possible, avoiding duplication of effort in communicating and managing information
- it should be easy to use; the information should be clear and it should be possible to access the site quickly
- the site should be easy to manage and update.

We hope that you will tell us whether these aims have been achieved. Any comments, proposals and criticisms that you would like to make would be most welcome, as they are essential in order to complete the work successfully. You can send them to us at: aiace-general@ec.europa.eu

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