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Here you will find the most frequently asked questions and the corresponding answers. If you do not find the information you are looking for here, please consult the other pages of this site, maybe through the search engine.

What is the deadline for joining AIACE after retirement?

There is no age limit to join.

What are the benefits of joining AIACE?

-Access to complementary insurance, assistance with administrative procedures and IT matters; legal advice, facilitation of contact with the PMO, the Health Insurance Fund and the department of DG HR responsible for relations with former staff. In some sections of AIACE, volunteers identify members’ needs for assistance: visits, retirement homes, hospitalisation, representation in contacts with the Health Insurance Fund, volunteer activities. Special attention is devoted to recipients of survivors’ pensions, who often have little or no information about procedures and their rights. Reception of VOX and of any other publication produced by the chosen section..

I don't know if I am a member of AIACE and and whether my membership fee payments are up to date.

If you are a member, it is most likely that you will have joined the section of AIACE in your country of residence.

You should simply contact that section to inquire; all the contact details of the sections can be found on our website by hovering the cursor over the tab ‘À PROPOS’ and scrolling down to ‘SECTIONS’. (On the English-language version of the website, the tabs themselves are texted in French.)


Are there any plans for setting up new national sections of AIACE?

There are indeed, particularly for the countries of Central and Eastern Europe (at least 20 members are required).

Who should I contact if I have specific questions about complementary insurance?

You may send an email to the Chair of the ‘Insurance Group’  giovanni.schettini@outlook.com

Where can information about complementary insurance be found?

What is the deadline for taking out a complementary insurance policy?

This has to be done before your 67th birthday or within 12 months after retirement in the case of insurance to cover hospital fees (with or without accident cover, with or without an excess: worldwide cover for life). Indexation is annual, but there is no increase on the basis of age.

Accident insurance policies can only be taken out until your 80th birthday (AIACE accident insurance is equivalent to that by which staff in active employment are covered: no ceiling on reimbursements; payment of a lump sum in the event of permanent disability; in the event of death, payment of a lump sum to the entitled party; worldwide cover, including in the event of terrorism).


I am no longer receiving VOX; who should I contact?

I no longer wish to receive VOX; could you remove me from your mailing list?

Please send an email to HR-AIACE-VOX@ec.europa.eu

Where can the online version of VOX be accessed?

Where is the “Espace Senior” and what can you do there?

  • Avenue des Nerviens 105, on the ground floor – Room 00/038 (open every day from 8.30 to 17.45 on presentation of your pensioner’s pass)
  • The Espace Senior has 5 PCs with access to the intranet and internet; you can print your documents and also photocopy or scan your applications for reimbursements (the photocopier/scanner is located in a nearby room on the same corridor – Room 00/020)

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