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Conference on the Future of Europe

26 August 2022 - European Commission - EN

The Commission has just published a Communication addressing the results of the...

The Commission has just published a Communication addressing the results of the Conference, an unprecedented exercise of participatory democracy.

Putting Vision into Concrete Action
COM(2022) 404 final :


This Communication is a first step. It offers an assessment of what is needed to follow up to the Conference’s proposals, gives an overview of the next steps and sets out how best to learn the lessons for the Conference and embed participative democracy into the EU’s policy and law making.

A first analysis is needed to see what is necessary to implement the Conference´s proposals. For this assessment to be credible, it is essential to stick to the spirit and the letter of what is proposed – without any re-interpretation or selection. This is what is set out in the Annex to this Communication. The 49 proposals are divided up into the same thematic areas chosen by the Conference, with the Commission’s assessment set out under each area. The annex sets out four categories of responses: existing initiatives that address the proposals; those where the European Parliament and the Council are called upon to adopt; planned actions which will deliver on the ideas, building in new reflections from the Conference; and new initiatives or areas of work inspired by the proposals, falling within the remit of the Commission.



You may find the contribution of AIACE-International to the Conference on our site, at https://aiace-europa.eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/COFOE-EN-ABRIDGED.pdf

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