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AIACE's 2019 Yearly Congress

From 18 to 22 May 2019

Past event


The 2019 Congress was held in Lisbon from 18 to 22 May. It was the occasion to celebrate the 50th anniversary of AIACE, created in 1969 by 35 former officials. F. Frutuoso de Melo, Head of Cabinet of the President of the Republic and former Commission official gave a passionate speech on the theme “How and where did we get to so far? Future prospects ?”, followed by R. Schulte-Brauckx on the subject “Achievements of the EU in 2018-2019” and finally bythe Head of the Commission Representation in Lisbon, S. Alvés.


On the 50th anniversary of AIACE at the Yearly Congress in Lisbon in May 2019, we organized for the first time a conference on the theme of the European Public Service (EPS). This event was organized around 3 main themes: the nature of the EPS, its development over the decades, its challenges.

Each theme was first discussed by the four members of the panel: P. Michou (Director General at the Commission), J. M. Weissenberger, (Head of Unit at the EP), H. Zourek (former Director General at the Commission) and P. Ponzano (former Director at the Secretariat General of the Commission), before opening the debate to the participants. This conference can be regarded as a success, both for the quality of the debate and the very active and committed participation of the audience of over 250.

This debate was the foundation of a  broad declaration on the future of the European Civil Service, which was adopted in March 2020.

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